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What Do HydraFacials Do For Your Skin?

What Do HydraFacials Do For Your Skin

All of us want clear, radiant, and youthful skin. A facial treatment can give you a natural glow without costing a fortune in skin care products and trying out complicated skin-care routines. One of the latest and trendy facial treatments currently is HydraFacial

People who swear by the HydraFacial treatment say it’s more than just a spa treatment; it’s a way to get and keep healthy skin for the long term. According to the HydraFacial website, a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds and is currently available in more than 80 nations.

Is there a reason why so many people are interested in the treatment? Continue reading this article to find out more:

So, What Is HydraFacial?

A multi-step facial treatment known as the HydraFacial is typically carried out using a device made by Edge Systems and referred to as the HydraFacial MD. This piece of equipment is regarded as a piece of intellectual property owned by Edge Systems. Within just a single session, aestheticians can use the HydraFacial [device] to perform a comprehensive cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and the application of various rejuvenating serums.

As a result of its ability to produce an almost instant “wow factor” in terms of the skin’s radiance and firmness, the service has evolved into one in high demand. People might get the treatment before a significant event or get it regularly to maintain their skin’s health. 

How HydraFacial Works

Some regard HydraFacial as similar to the microdermabrasion treatment. During a microdermabrasion treatment, a “mildly abrasive instrument” is used to lightly sand your skin to remove the thicker, more uneven outer layer. However, it is not similar to microdermabrasion since it uses a more sophisticated multi-step approach to enhance your skin. 

A combination of an exfoliating tip and suction is used by the HydraFacial device to clear dead skin cells from the exterior of your face. After the skin has been exfoliated, serums are infused into it, and its proponents cite this final step as the primary reason they believe the treatment is so successful.

The HydraFacial treatment is broken down into three stages, as described by the company that makes it. There is no downtime, and the whole procedure can be completed in as little as thirty minutes.

The procedure for HydraFacial consists of the following three steps:

1.) Skin Resurfacing

The step is referred to as the resurfacing step because of the exfoliation that takes place during it. Exfoliation is clearing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin’s top layer. Skin benefits from its use include increased radiance, fewer clogged pores, and increased collagen production over time. 

Long-term use has also been shown to increase collagen production. It has long been understood that it has positive effects on the skin, including making it appear brighter and preventing clogged pores. The HydraFacial tip is used to perform everything inside the HydraFacial machine. Impurities and dead skin cells are gently swiped from the skin’s surface by a fluid vortex created over the skin.

2.) Hydrating And Extracting

The tip cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time while removing dirt and debris from the pores.

3.) Infusion

The last part of your treatment will involve boosters, which are also sometimes referred to as serums. These are intended to assist you in attaining the appearance of your skin that you desire, whether that be a decrease in the emergence of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, or enlarged pores. Patients benefit significantly from the treatment’s ability to be entirely modified via these “boost” serums, which is a significant advantage.

What Do HydraFacials Do To Your Skin?

Edge Systems claims that using their product will give you the best skin you’ve ever had in your entire life. While this isn’t a guaranteed fact for every patient, the complexion has several significant benefits. In addition, the device scrubs dead skin cells away from the face while synchronously supplying active ingredients to the skin.

HydraFacial is a class of facial treatment that, depending on the particular active ingredients utilized, can improve the skin’s hydration level, radiance, skin texture, and pore size. The company uses its own serums, but to give customers a more comprehensive range of options, they have also formed partnerships with other companies like Alastin Skincare, ZO Skin Health, and HydroPeptide. These partnerships allow the company to offer customers a greater variety of products.

Discuss with your provider what serum option best suit your needs. 

What Science Says

There is no research work on the HydraFacial procedure itself, but some older research supports the notion that the premise is true. The advantages of hydradermabrasion were previously researched in a small study with 20 female participants aged 34 to 65.

This procedure is comparable to the HydraFacial because it applies antioxidant serums after microdermabrasion. Still, the HydraFacial process itself was not the focus of the research done for this study.

One group participated in the study and received all six treatments weekly. A different group received nothing but the antioxidant serum, which was manually massaged into their skin once per week. The researchers used the levels of antioxidants found in the skin, skin biopsies, and photographs to assess the results.

Only the group that had experienced significant hydradermabrasion had higher antioxidant levels and greater thickness in both the epidermal and papillary layers after the study (which contains collagen). The visual effects were apparent: fewer fine lines, more firmly shut pores, and a more uniform skin tone.

The study’s findings showed that combining a microdermabrasion treatment with topical antioxidants, like those found in the HydraFacial, was more efficient than using either of the treatments alone.


The HydraFacial procedure can be used on patients with any skin tone and requires no recovery time. Your skin features will look better the moment you step outside. Many patients have reported visible skin refining and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment.

Get in touch with our office, Age Weigh Less, right away if you’re interested in the HydraFacial! We also provide additional services and specials to help with other wellness and skin concerns. 

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