How to Get a Perfect Jawline for Women?

How to Get a Perfect Jawline for Women

A jawline of near perfection is something the women of today have also aspired to achieve and is part of the bucket list for some. Others want this added to other cosmetic procedures, while some want their jawlines chiseled. Whatever reason they may have, all of them have contributed to the growing trend of getting […]

What are the Benefits of Hydrojelly Masks?

What are the Benefits of Hydrojelly Masks?

Hydrojelly masks are today’s modern approaches to skin rejuvenation. End your treatment with a mask customized to individual skin needs. It is a super moisturizing and soothing sheet mask. It will hydrate your skin, recover its glow, and improve the appearance of wrinkles. The formula with Hyaluronic acid and collagen enhances cell renewal and stimulates […]

What Are The Top Benefits Of Belotero Treatment?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Belotero Treatment

As you experience aging, the collagen and elastin levels in your skin begin to decrease. These primary components give your skin a healthy and radiant appearance. When these components start to fade, you may see signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. There is no way to restore collagen or stop the natural […]

How Does Collagen Affect the Skin?

How Does Collagen Affect the Skin | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age less Weigh Less

Collagen, a protein that occurs naturally throughout the body’s bones, skin, blood, organs, and tissues, has been touted as a beauty product for years. But does this substance actually create healthier, younger-looking skin? Here’s the scoop on the benefits of collagen. Reducing Signs of Aging Over time, exposure to the sun’s rays and other elements […]

What Is Belotero?

What Is Belotero | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age less Weigh Less

Belotero is an injectable filler that helps smooth laugh lines and wrinkles, which may help reduce years from one’s appearance. For those interested in the effects of Belotero, here’s what to know about the treatment. What Is Belotero? Belotero is an HA dermal filler, meaning it is made of a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic […]

Botox in Strange Places

Botox in Strange Places | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age less Weigh Less

Sometimes when I go to visit my parents my dad will ask me “is that Botox in your lips?” and I have to explain that no dad, it’s not Botox. You don’t put Botox in your lips. It’s filler in my lips. At that point he has no idea what I am talking about, nor […]

What Do HydraFacials Do For Your Skin?

What Do HydraFacials Do For Your Skin

All of us want clear, radiant, and youthful skin. A facial treatment can give you a natural glow without costing a fortune in skin care products and trying out complicated skin-care routines. One of the latest and trendy facial treatments currently is HydraFacial.  People who swear by the HydraFacial treatment say it’s more than just a […]

What Is The Use Of Vitamin D3 Injections?

Vitamin D3 Injections | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age Less Weigh Less

You may be underestimating the significance of vitamin D’s function in your body, but you shouldn’t be. A deficiency may affect you in more ways than you can probably imagine, and this is true for people of all ages. Because of this, many medical professionals are prescribing dietary supplements through pills or injections to help […]

LED Light Therapy: What Is It, And Does It Work?

LED Light Therapy What Is It, And Does It Work? | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age Less Weigh Less

Technology and skincare routines continue to intersect. Before, you would have to try out surgical procedures to experience the wonders of technology on your skin. But these days, you can do your skincare routine with technology without resorting to surgical procedures, and an example of this is LED light therapy.  LED light therapy is the new […]

How Much Time Is There Between Kybella Treatments?

Kybella Treatments | Age Less Weigh Less | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH

Some people have a particular fat lump on their body that they are unhappy about. They may be self-conscious about it or even feel like it brings them down. Due to the advancements in aesthetics, you can remove these fat lumps by undergoing a Kybella treatment.  The removal of fat lumps is not an easy process. It […]