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Myers’ Cocktail

Myers' Cocktail

Myers Cocktails are essential vitamin solutions used for intravenous micronutrient therapy (IVMT). Originally, it was developed in the 1960s to help patients suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, and migraines, but we now realize that it can help so much more! The Myers’ Cocktail is now considered the golden standard for IV vitamin infusion treatments.
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What Are The Effects Of A Myers' Cocktail?

Myers’ cocktail is not limited to people with specific medical conditions. The vast majority of our patients use this therapy as part of a comprehensive preventative care regimen to maintain physical fitness.

What is a Myers' Cocktail Good For?

Myers IV Cocktails can relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain conditions, as well as:

Alleviating stress


Fatigue reduction

Improving energy levels

Improving immunity

Restoring balance to the system


What Are Some Main Benefits of A Myers' Cocktail IV Treatment?

Patients may experience an energy boost between 24 and 72 hours after treatment.

Patients with chronic conditions, such as congenital heart disease and cute asthma, had increased energy and fewer symptoms after treatment.

Immune responses were improved, and infectious diseases were less likely to affect those with weakened immune systems.

What Ingredients Does The Myers' Cocktail Include?

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in the Myers’ Cocktail, including the following:

B-Complex Vitamins: These vitamins include vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid, four essential B vitamins necessary for producing energy and supporting your immune system.

Vitamin B12: Proper red blood cell production depends on Vitamin B12. Despite being in the B Complex family of vitamins, we like to highlight it separately because it is so important!

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has various benefits beyond supporting the immune system.

Zinc: Essential for the proper functioning of your immune system and the repair of muscle tissue.

Magnesium: Healthy bones and a healthy circulatory system are adequate magnesium levels.

L-Glutathione: Also known as “the master antioxidant,” this compound comprises a combination of amino acids that works to fight inflammation and aid in detoxification.

Saline: An IV solution typically contains a saline solution. It works highly hydrating on your body’s fluid levels, resulting in increased physical and mental energy feelings.

Why Should I Get Myers' Cocktail Therapy?
One of the biggest advantages of Myers Cocktail IV treatments is that they are safe and easy to administer. Taking Myers Cocktail IV therapy is relatively easy and can be administered in about 30 minutes with Hydrate Your IV. Myers Cocktail IV therapy is FDA approved, so you know it’s safe for you, and there is no need for anesthesia or sedation during the process.


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