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RF Microneedling – Younger, Fresher, And More Vibrant Skin!

RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling is based on the use of tiny needles to create micro-channels (tiny holes) in the skin. The process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and produces collagen and elastin.
RF Microneedling | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age less Weigh Less

What Is RF Microneedling?

RF microneedling reduces wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin with a minimally invasive technique. While traditional microneedling has been used for over 25 years, this latest procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy to promote collagen production.

How Does RF Microneedling Work?

The RF microneedling method uses ultrafine needles in conjunction with radiofrequency waves from LED lights to produce thermal energy. During the procedure, the skin is irritated, stimulating its repair response and promoting the body’s ability to create collagen naturally.

What To Expect During RF Microneedling?

The procedure works by selectively applying heat to underlying layers of skin to reduce wrinkles, improve texture and firmness, and reduce scars. The depth of needle penetration and the amount of energy applied can also be adjusted.

How Long Does RF Microneedling Take?

Treatment times vary, but generally, the procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes. Prepare for three to four treatments spaced three- to eight weeks apart, allowing your skin to heal between treatments.

RF Microneedling | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH | Age less Weigh Less
Who Can Benefit From Treatment?

The RF microneedle treatment can be performed on almost any body area with wrinkles, discoloration, or acne scarring and is safe for all ages, genders, skin types, and tones. Candidates for treatment are young, in relatively good health, and show early signs of aging.

When Will I See The Results From My RF Microneedling Treatments?

Results should be evident after three to six months, and they should last about a year. A touch-up session is recommended at least once a year to maintain desired results.

Should I Expect Any Downtime?
RF microneedling benefits the minimal downtime and few restrictions that usually accompany the treatment. The area treated may be red for up to 24 hours after treatment.

Are RF Microneedling results permanent?

RF Microneedling results are not permanent, but they can be long-lasting. However, factors like aging, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits can affect the longevity of the results.

Can RF Microneedling cause pigmentation?

RF Microneedling is generally safe, but there is a slight risk of temporary post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), especially in individuals with darker skin tones. Proper pre-treatment assessment and post-care can help minimize this risk.

How much does RF Microneedling cost?

The cost of RF Microneedling can vary, but on average, a single session can range from $300 to $1000. Multiple sessions may be recommended for optimal results.

Can RF Microneedling cause scarring?

When performed by a qualified and experienced provider, RF Microneedling is considered safe and has a low risk of causing scarring. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is always a small risk of adverse effects.

How many RF Microneedling sessions will I need?

Typically, a series of 3 to 4 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.



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