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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

We designed Weight Loss Program with one thing in mind – your biology. Most other weight loss programs and diets focus mainly on willpower. But let’s be real: losing weight is HARD. Willpower alone won’t usually cut it, at least for sustained long-term weight loss.

Weight Loss Program is a proprietary, multi-faceted program that includes customized medications that have been backed by decades of research. Our custom program safely kick-starts your metabolism and consists of the most effective and clinically-proven options for weight loss.

Weight Loss Program does not believe in using stimulants or habit-forming agents like many other medical weight loss programs. Instead, we believe in using methods that work on the key underlying metabolic pathways to support sustained weight loss – not just a quick fix!

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Getting Started

Our medical providers will first complete a comprehensive intake and health assessment, from which they will design a personalized treatment plan specific for you. Most treatment plans will include custom compounded prescriptions.


Weight Loss Program prescriptions will come directly from our FDA-regulated pharmacy. All Weight Loss Program medications are self-administered and, in most cases, will include a weekly injection. In some cases, we may recommend a daily injection or oral tablets instead.

While an injection may sound scary, most patients report it is painless, quick, and easy. (Most are placed just under the skin—going into your fat instead of your muscle. The needle is ultra-fine, so it isn’t like a typical shot!) Your specific dose is titrated up as needed, under our direction, based on effect and tolerability.

Side Effects

Side effects with the Weight Loss Program program are minimal, if any. For those who do experience them, nausea is the most common, typically transient, and resolves over the first few weeks of being on the medication. Constipation is also common and can typically be managed with increased fluids and stool softeners. Don’t worry – most of these side effects, if experienced, are minimized with the Weight Loss Program supplements we include with the program. Rest assured that less than 5% of people discontinued the primary Weight Loss Program medications in the most recent clinical trials because of side effects.

Why Our Program?

Weight Loss Program is designed to reset your metabolism and is based on clinical research suggesting that a 10% body weight loss is possible with the elements included in our program. Most of our patients lose more than 10% – but Weight Loss Program  maintains the goal at 10%, as a weight loss of this amount leads to clinically-significant improvements across all metabolic and inflammatory markers. Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes) risk is diminished. A weight loss of 10% has also been proven to reduce depression, arthritis, and sleep apnea symptoms while improving the overall quality of life.

Our clinical team will be your partner throughout your weight loss journey. Your assigned coach will guide you every step of the way. We will teach a healthy, sustainable way of eating that promotes weight loss and sets you up for long-term health. (And yes – this way of eating CAN include your favorite foods!) We focus on the quality of foods and ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs while helping you feel in control. Most importantly, Weight Loss Program is not a diet: we do not use meal replacements or try to restrict your eating. Instead, we help you rebalance it.

How To Get Started?

Call today to schedule free consultation and assessment to see if our program is right for you.


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