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Kybella, commonly referred to as the “mini-liposuction in a syringe,” is the ideal way to finally get rid of that stubborn unwanted back fat! This FDA Approved non-invasive injectable that targets stubborn back fat for good!

As an alternative to liposuction, our professionals at Age-Less, Weigh-Less, can expertly inject the solution into the areas of the back where female patients want the fat to be eliminated. Our expert injectors make sure that you receive just enough, so it does not harm any of your healthy cells. In addition, Kybella can remove the excess fatty tissue from your body where you need it the most!

No need to wait any longer to lose that stubborn back fat!

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What Is Kybella For Back Fat?

Kybella is made up of deoxycholic acid that breaks down fat cells in areas of the back that store fat. It destroys cell walls and removes lipids from the body when injected into the back fat areas.

How Long Does A Kybella Back Fat Treatment Session Usually Take?

First, about five minutes are needed for the numbing process; the injection usually takes 15-20 minutes.

How Soon Will I See Results After Kybella Back Fat Treatments?

You will notice significant results in the back area four to six weeks after injections, with full results eight weeks after a course of treatments is completed!

How Many Kybella Injectable Treatments Will I Need For My “Love Handles”?

Most patients will require 5 to 6 treatments spaced approximately two weeks apart. Your injector will determine how many treatments are needed.

Are Kybella Abdominal Fat Treatments Permanent?

The answer is yes! Kybella injections can permanently destroy stubborn fat cells that form back fat, so fat deposits don’t form. Say goodbye to your “love handles” for good!

Is There Any Downtime?

The downtime for Kybella is quite short, but you may still experience side effects for a few weeks after your injection. These side effects may include bruising, swelling, and numbness at the injection site.


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