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AOD Weight Loss

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AOD Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with not achieving your body goals after trying your best?

Age-less Weigh-less is so excited to launch our new AOD peptide weight loss! Let us tell you more about it.

AOD Weight Loss FAQs

AOD is a synthetic analog of human growth hormone (HGH) developed to fight obesity and aid in weight loss journeys.
AOD stimulates pituitary gland similar to HGH to increase metabolism to increase weight loss within a shorter period of time. This is great to jumpstart your weight loss regimen and best paired with diet and exercise.
There are so many benefits in choosing AOD as part of your weight loss journey: Reduces body fat (stimulates lipolysis) Prohibits the transformation of non fatty foods into body fat (inhibits lipo genesis) Imitates the way natural HGH regulates metabolism Mobilizes stored fat during fasting or exercising Safe to use and does not affect blood sugar.

We are determined in supporting you reach your weight loss goals, so if you are interested in AOD injections with us you will also receive these exclusive deals:

  • Weekly weigh in check in & lipo shots
  • Special discount off of B12 shots ($15 per shot) if you’d want to increase your energy to further boost your results
  • $500 off coolsculpting cycles


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