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What Is Belotero Treatment?

Belotero Treatment | Age Less Weigh Less | Woburn, MA & Dover, NH

The aging process can ruin your appearance and make you feel old and unattractive. You can do many things to prevent this and maintain a youthful look into your old age. However, they only prevent, so to remove certain signs of aging, you may need a Belotero treatment. 

Thanks to current innovations in aesthetic treatments, it’s now easier than ever to reverse aging. Some people think that it takes surgical procedures to reverse aging. Back then, that was true, but now, all it takes are injectables, fillers, lasers, or plasma. 

There’s no longer a need to reverse aging by undergoing a knife. With Belotero treatment, there’s no need for any of that. So what is Belotero treatment, and how will it benefit you?

What Is Belotero Treatment? 

Belotero treatment is another injectable dermal filler brand that uses hyaluronic acid as its base formula. It will naturally volumize your skin, reducing signs of aging and promoting skin rejuvenation.

The fantastic thing about the product is that the approach is as natural as it gets. It is designed to integrate into your tissue to provide modest and even results without disrupting the naturalistic silhouettes of your face. As a result, your appearance, while enhanced, is very natural and doesn’t look artificial. 

You can be confident with your looks, and no one will know how you manage to look youthful and vibrant. 


Beloterp treatment was first approved in 2011, but its purpose was to fix moderate to severe nasolabial folds, also known as laugh lines. However, they have found many other useful features the product can do since then. 

The company has expanded, and they now include new fillers to treat different signs of aging. You have to consult with a provider to know which Belotero products fit your goals and needs.

Safe For Everyone

Since the product has gained approval from the FDA, does that mean it’s safe? Yes, Belotero filler treatments are safe for almost everyone. I say almost everyone because certain conditions may disqualify some people for the treatment.

If you have any of these conditions, you are generally discouraged from the treatment:

  • Pregnant or Nursing Mother
  • History of Multiple Allergies
  • Certain Skin Conditions

In-depth research on how Belotero treatment works in these conditions is unclear. That’s why they are discouraged since it’s uncertain what effects that may cause. However, it’s a case-to-case scenario; make sure to consult with your doctor about the treatment first before taking one. 

What Does Belotero Treat?

When they are introduced to an unfamiliar treatment, patients always have this first question: “how exactly will it benefit me?”

Belotero is a dermal filler, addressing the same problems that dermal fillers typically face. Here are some signs of aging Belotero can treat:

  • Correct Fine Lines Around The Eyes, Mouth, and Nose
  • Reduce Forehead Wrinkles
  • Plump The Lips
  • Fix Small Nose Bumps
  • Correct Under-Eye Bags
  • Treat Certain Types Of Acne Scars

How Does Belotero Treatment Work?

Belotero is an injectable dermal filler. It works by injecting the formula into the sub-dermal layers of the skin. The “magic” behind the dermal fillers lies in its formula. 

For Belotero treatment, its main base formula is hyaluronic acid. You can see this same acid on skincare products and other cosmetic treatments. So what is this acid, and why is it so important to effectively reduce aging?

Why Hyaluronic Acid Is Important

Hyaluronic acid is a natural-occurring substance that is found in the human body. It benefits the skin by acting like a sponge, holding moisture in and giving it elasticity. It also keeps skin hydrated, supple, and youthful. 

So there are low risks of your body rejecting the acid since the body already has one. Dermal fillers simply increase the supply. 

Another feature of hyaluronic acid is its capability to induce more collagen and elastin production underneath your skin layers. 

Collagen is a protein that forms up the structural support of the skin’s connective tissue. It’s what gives our skin its firm, plump, and keeps it healthy. On the other hand, elastin is a protein that keeps the skin elastic, so it stays stretchable. 

Aging decreases the production of these two proteins. So when applying hyaluronic acid, it gives the body the necessary resources to make more, thus increasing overall skin quality.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Applying dermal fillers only takes a few injections. Depending on how much treatment you need, the treatment will only take around 30 minutes or more. The overall procedure is short enough that you can make a lunchtime appointment! 

Here is what you can expect during the procedure. 

  1. Cleansing: Your provider will ask you to remove your makeup before you come in for the appointment. However, there is still a need to cleanse the face to remove excess dirt, grime, and dead skin cells. This is to reduce the risks of infection as much as possible. 
  2. Numbing: Next, they will apply some topical anesthesia to minimize the pain and discomfort of the injections. It will take around 30 minutes before the numbing fully settles. 
  3. Injections: An injection with the formula in it will then be injected into specific facial skin areas. It’s common for the procedure to involve multiple injections despite all being in one spot. 

Licensed providers perform the treatment. Check their credibility by checking their online reviews and licenses, and they should be able to provide you with one. 

What To Expect After The Treatment?

As soon as the treatment is over, you can quickly return to your daily routine. There is no need for downtime. However, there are following instructions that your provider provides to ensure that the treatment effectively settles down and lasts a while. 

Avoid the following activities within the 24 hours when you’ve just received the treatment:

  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Too Much Heat And Sun Exposure
  • Doing Any Strenuous Activities

Once the treatment settles down, you can expect the results to last as long as 6-18 months. 


If you are interested in Belotero treatment, make sure to contact our clinic Age-Less Weigh-Less. We offer services that ensure you achieve beauty and wellness. 

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