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Cellulite treatment with the QWO® injectable is the only FDA-approved method for treating adult women with cellulite. QWO® treats the connective tissues that connect the skin to muscle and fat. Cellulite has been an embarrassment and a cause of discomfort for many years. Until recently, no permanent cures were available. With QWO® injectable cellulite treatment, you can eliminate cellulite permanently; women with moderate to severe cellulite in their buttocks and thighs can now get rid of dimpled skin. If you’re fed up with being given promises of a cure and want to do something about your cellulite, QWO® is an excellent choice for you!

QWO® works by targeting the fibrous bands that pull down the skin, causing cellulite. As a result of the collagenases, the QWO® blend breaks down fibrous bands and smoothes the appearance of cellulite.

The treatment reduces cellulite in three ways: it releases fibrous bands gradually forming, redistributes fat cells, and stimulates collagen production. The fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface are smoothed out during the procedure to give you a more youthful appearance.

Recovery time is quick; no downtime is required after a QWO® treatment. The injection sites may swell and bruise; however, this should not last too long. You may resume your everyday activities as soon as possible.

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What Is QWO®?

QWO® is the first FDA-approved injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite in adults’ buttocks.

What Should I Expect During My QWO® Treatment?

Treatments can take as little as 10 minutes. Because there is no general anesthetic, most patients can drive themselves to their sessions.

What Should I Expect After A QWO® Session?

After your QWO® appointment, we recommend avoiding vigorous exercise. However, you may gradually resume your regular activities.

Will I Have Any Recovery Or Downtime After My QWO® Treatment?

QWO® is an in-office non-surgical treatment we perform here at Age-Less, Weigh-Less, that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Although there may be some slight bruising, there is no recovery or downtime.

When Will I See Results From QWO® Cellulite Treatment?

In about a week or two, most people notice a cellulite reduction; however, the cellulite reduction will continue for up to ten weeks.

How Long Do The Results Of A QWO® Treatment Last?

Treatment results after QWO® should last at least a year.


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